Magnesium metal activities in Australia


Starters include: Australian Magnesium Corp (Kunwarara, Qld, cash operating cost US 65 cents /lb); Crest Magnesium (Lyons/Arthur River project); Pacific Magnesium Corporation (formerly Golden Triangle Resources) (Main Creek, Tas project, US62 cents/lb and the Woodsreef, NSW tailings project, US 57 cents/lb); South Australian Magnesium Project (Samag) – with Pima Mining (Leigh Creek, SA, US61 cents/lb); Mount Grace Gold Mining (Batchelor, NT); Anaconda Nickel (Murrin Murrin in W.A.) and Pilbara Magnesium Metal Associates (based on Dampier Salt’s bitterns).

Some industry specialists predict Australia could produce 800,000 tonnes of magnesium, used to make more fuel-efficient cars, every year by 2020, almost double the 450,000 tonne-a-year existing world market. Australian magnesium exports could account for 50 per cent of the growth in world demand over the next 20 years.

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